Some of Canada's leading medical charities -- including the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation -- fund experiments on animals.


If you donate to these multi-million dollar organizations, some of your money is being used to fund animal research.



​We all want to contribute to finding cures for devastating diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and HIV/AIDS, as well as provide assistance to those suffering with these illnesses.

Unfortunately donations to many charitable health organizations continue to fund cruel, outdated and irrelevant research on animals.

Thankfully, supporting humane research that helps save human lives has never been easier!


Humane Charities Canada

is your guide to health-related charities that are committed to helping humans without hurting animals.

Use our list and feel confident that your donations are supporting charities that do not fund animal research.

Animals Used in Research

Dogs are frequently used in cardiac and blood pressure research despite their stark differences to human systems.



Cats are used in spinal cord research, blindness studies and brain research, even though their nervous systems are radically different from ours.​


Monkeys are subjected to cruel neurological experiments and forced to endure the deliberate infliction of brain and spinal cord damage. They are also used in AIDS research, despite the fact that monkeys cannot develop the disease.

Mice & Rats


The 3 year life span of rats & mice is exploited for massive dosing of drugs. They spend their entire existence in varying degrees of sickness and distress.



Pigs are frequently used in burn research. They are also used in xenotransplantation research, despite the fact that animal viruses can be transmitted to humans through organ transplant.

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