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Cures Without Cruelty

Animal research is cruel and medically unsound


The real benchmarks of medical progress have relied on cutting-edge non-animal research methodologies. These methods are directly relevant to people and much more sophisticated than those that rely on ineffective and outdated animal models. They include in vitro research, microfluidic circuits, epidemiology (population research), clinical studies, microdosing, human tissue research, computer modeling, and MRI, PET and other imaging technologies.

Thankfully, many health charities in Canada provide vital direct-to-patient services or conduct life-saving research without testing on animals. Humane Charities Canada is your guide to health-related charities that are committed to helping humans without hurting animals.


Help Make a Difference​​
Support our campaign to accredit and promote health charities that provide important patient services or conduct life-saving research without the harmful use of animals. 


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