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Experiments on Animals

Recent examples of appalling charity-supported experiments on animals

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

... has co-funded research in which a crude version of a stroke was simulated in macaque monkeys by injecting increasingly large styrofoam balls into their arteries. The animals were forced to live like this for weeks, suffering multiple strokes and partial paralysis before being killed. The surgical procedure was botched in three of the monkeys, and as a result, they had to be killed before completion of the study.¹

Parkinson Canada

... has co-funded research in which macaque monkeys were repeatedly injected with an industrial chemical and contaminant of illegal drugs to create lesions on their brains, then chemically paralyzed and given electric shocks without pain relief.²

Actual photo from research cited of male rhesus monkey. Jacket contains pump used to inject chemicals.

The Canadian Cancer Society

... has repeatedly co-funded research in which lethally irradiated and "humanized" mice (transplanted with fragments of human organs and tumours) are forced to endure the growth of tumours inside their bodies for weeks before being killed. Their tumours are then removed and re-injected into other mice only to have the process repeated over and over again.³ ⁴ ⁵  

The MS Society of Canada

... has co-funded research in which the sciatic nerves of mice were exposed and crushed, crippling them. The mice were left to suffer for up to a month, additionally enduring pressure being applied to their feet until they pulled them away in pain. At the end of the study, the feet of the mice were dipped in ink and they were forced to drag themselves across sheets of paper to record their level of crippling. The animals were then killed with a needle of formaldehyde jabbed into their hearts. ⁶


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